Story Of Viaggiotapas

We are a tapas-style restaurant located in Rockville Centre. Our menu offers a carefully selected list of cheeses, meats, wines and cocktails that celebrate seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Our ambience is rustic, hip and accessible for the foodie of heart and the lover of wine.

Viaggio Tapas is the end result of a passionate group of people willing to deliver the best food and service in Rockville Centre. Our goal is to be the best tapas restaurant in Long Island, offering food made from local ingredients, carefully selected wine and crafted cocktails.

Viaggio Tapas, was named after owner RoseAnn Vercillo and husband Tony D. starting their journey in life together. Their devotion to good food and their natural friendliness drove them to follow their dream to open a restaurant. On this journey RoseAnn and Tony D. met their partners Hartley Parish and Marco A. Tolentino to start shaping what we now know as Viaggio tapas.

Viaggio’s philosophy is simple; we want our customers to roll up their sleeves and enjoy our food and drinks. Whether you visit us to celebrate, meet with friends or just taking your family out to dinner, for the Viaggio Team it is always a special occasion and we are glad to be chosen to be part of your celebration. Our philosophy’s objective is to promote a culinary culture that is meant to bring people together, to enjoy your visit surrounded by joy, good music, great food and excellent service.